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We know very well that the human body is not immune to the deteriorating effects of ongoing continuous use.  So, no matter how well it is cared for over time, it will eventually fail and cease to function.   However, in both a general and a generic sense, the human body consistently exhibits an operational design that tends towards wellness at essentially all levels of age.  Most simply put, the body naturally wants to be well and continually does everything it can to be in, and stay in this state.
Given current levels of human knowledge and derivative science, those dedicated to ongoing wellness can neither expect nor hope to fully thwart the degenerative effects of aging.  But, through a variety of wellness strategies, we can work actively and effectively to avoid disease through preventative tactics.  And, we can achieve and maintain optimal health for given levels of age by the proactive employment of various wellness tactics.  Today, now more than ever before, it is possible to maximize the quality of life experienced even at very advanced ages.

As we consider the objective of maximizing wellness throughout our lives, it is very important to be aware of the major sources of factors that operate to compromise and ultimately destroy our wellness.  The more we are aware of, gain an understanding of, and become truly knowledgeable about these major health-compromising factors, the more we can avoid or at least minimze their effects.  

The 2 major sources of potentially health-compromising factors are our inhereted genetic make-up and our exposure to environmental toxins.  We address each of these categories on an introductory basis on this website and hope this information encourages you to further independent study of these very important wellness topics.

We stand ready at any time in your ongoing relationship with the Anti-Aging & Wellness Atlanta practice to examine in detail both environmental and hereditary factors that could be compromising your overall wellness.

Wellness Factors

Anti-Aging & Wellness Atlanta provides BOTH women and men a full-service facility for promoting wellness and treating medical conditions.  

In addition to the routine facilities of an active primary care medical practice, bio-identical hormone consultations for both men and women, obstetrics and gynecology, the office includes on-site facilities for sourcing a variety of both routine and specialized laboratory tests.  This includes the full-time availability of a phlebotomist for quickly and effectively obtaining blood samples.  The office also houses a surgery center for performing specialized gynecological procedures that can be completed on an out-patient basis. 

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