As part of a comprehensive bio-identical hormone balancing approach, we evaluate the status of female and male hormones that are part of a complex web involving the ovaries or  testicles, adrenals, thyroid, and more.  Their complex interrelationships often requires a look at the total picture.  

Salivary testing is simple, accurate, and economical.  Simply, it is the most reliable way to derive a measurement of these hormones' free/bioactive levels that reflects tissue levels  rather than quantities appearing in the blood.  After testing and analysis, we will formulate a customized restorative plan based on your measured hormone levels and personal comfort requirements.  

We ONLY use bio-identical hormones in our hormone-balancing regimes as they are chemically identical in every way to the body's own endogenous hormones, as opposed to synthetic formulations.  This ensures that your body will handle them exactly as it handles its own resident supply of hormones.

Salivary Testing

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